Sergey Troshin

An architect +7 495 727-7892

Private residence, cottage:

Project (only architecture) – from 250 roubles\m2

Project (architecture + construction) – from 450 roubles\m2

Full project (including architectural drawing, master plan, reinforced-concrete structures, engineering documentation, Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning, Water and sewerage lines, telecommunication and warning system) – from 1000 roubles\m2.

Sketch design – from 200 roubles\m2

The cost of initial and full design of public buildings:

The cost of initial and final design of public buildings can be discussed separately. It depends on the dimensions of designed building and complexity of target specifications.

The cost of field supervision can also be discussed separately.

The final interior design project:

The final interior design project costs from 1500 roubles/m2.

Scheme of payment:

The cost of work up to 100 000 rubles – 50% an advance payment (advance payment) and 50% settlement after handing-over.

The cost of work over 100 000 rubles – 40% an advance payment (advance payment), 30% intermediate payment and 30% settlement after handing-over.

Result of work:

Project documentation (each section) in electronic form in the digital PDF format + 3 issued albums on paper.

You can pay by means of Yandex Money, Webmoney, bank transfer on transactional account in Sberbank, OTP-bank, and by cash.